Address the Mess II


Going down to the dreaded basement. The messy playroom, the dreary laundry room and worse…the ‘way too small’ storage room.
Sometimes just the thought of that descent can bring a tear to the eye.

Fear not. There is light at the back of the storage room, and Brenda Borenstein, our featured organizing guru from the Organized Zone, is here again to help us find it.

Once you clean up, de-clutter and organize your basement with Brenda’s recommendations, you might just find that trip downstairs a bit less traumatic.

Get started with some key organizing must-haves: plastic stacking shelves (Brenda uses them on all her jobs, they stack easily just like Lego, about $29 at Home Depot), clear bins, labels, Sharpies, and your favourite music to keep you going.


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