The Best Game


As proud Canadians, we agree with Stompin’ Tom’s credo ‘the good old hockey game is the best game you can name’.
So as soon as possible after Jack or Jill arrives (age two weeks for some), dad plops baby in front of the TV and proclaims to be “watching the game with my kid”.

If the tickets were not $150 per seat, if the games weren’t sold out and if they weren’t all in the evenings (never mind the lack of “sit-down-ability” and short attention span of toddlers), we would take the kids to the real thing—a live professional hockey game with popcorn, cheering and loud music—to further instill the love of the game.

Looking for a better solution, we got some SavvyDads on board to investigate the Canadian Hockey League. By all accounts Major Junior hockey is just what you need for Junior’s pre-game conditioning.

Here’s the SavvyDad ‘Good To Know’ on this league:

Good Value – ticket prices and concession items are cheap (like between $10 and $15 cheap) so you can justify only staying for half the game if the kids don’t last


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