Uses You Can Use


Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard
To see what was there to be purged
She looked in the back
And found stuff on the rack
With many new uses – we’re sure.

You don’t have to be Old Mother Hubbard to know that some of the kitchen staples in the back of your cupboard are worth re-purposing.

Vinegar: Not just for pickling.

Washing Machine Sanitizer – Run the machine (empty) through the warm water wash cycle, then add a gallon of vinegar to the rinse cycle to get rid of soap scum and flush out the hoses. (If you didn’t think your machine needs cleaning, just think of what you ran through it last week when your kids had the stomach flu!)

Paint Brush Cleanser – Soak paint brushes in pure vinegar and wash with warm soapy water.


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