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Family Day sounds like such a glorious idea. What’s not to like about a long weekend right in the middle of February. It’s a true gift. Unless, of course, you’re a mom with babies and toddlers—then it’s pretty much the same drill as every other day…that is, your wake up time hasn’t changed.
We had this discussion at SavvyHQ recently, which inspired my blog today. We all agreed that despite the fact that our day ‘off’ wasn’t necessarily going to be relaxing, we are all looking forward to spending some quality time with our families.

Here’s a roundup of what the SavvyMoms are doing this weekend:

Sarah has a hockey-free Sunday for the first time this winter, so she is understandably excited that her whole family will be together for the day on the ski slopes. Even better, they will be able to have dinner together—something fabulous like fondue, we’re sure. Everyone at the office is happy about this so we don’t have to hear anything further about her being a hockey widow…

Robyn is going with her husband Chris and their daughter Ally (a budding actress) to the TIFF Lightbox with former SavvyMom writer, Katie Mead, and her husband and son for a little cinematic fun (and Tim Burton entertainment, too). We know they will enjoy all that TIFF has to offer as both parents are REEL film buffs.

Maggie is not over-scheduling herself this Monday. She’s staying in and getting cozy with a movie (probably Toy Story 3) and ordering in pizza. Sounds like a nice relaxing day to us!

Leslie is flying solo with her twins this Monday for Family Day as her husband will be working. But she’s a family girl at heart, so she’s going out for lunch with her mom and her girls, Madeline and Riley.

Denise will be spending the weekend skiing and snowshoeing up north and hosting a sleepover party for her stepdaughter’s 12th birthday on Saturday night. On Family Day Monday, she is looking forward to sleeping in after all that!

I am with Denise on the sleeping in. I plan to do so on Monday morning, then make a big breakfast and take it easy with my two boys. They’ll likely have some homework to do, but if they get everything done, we will walk to the theatre, see a movie and eat some popcorn.

We hope you have a great Family Day this year and enjoy whatever activity you choose for your team.


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