An Adorable Woodland-Themed First Birthday Party


My friend, Christina, recently threw her charming son a simple first birthday party that is just too sweet not to share. What I love best about this casual celebration is that it has a theme, which unites the party treats and decorations, but isn’€™t too detailed (and therefore impossible to duplicate). There’€™s a lot of inspiration to be found here!).
The party was held at home’€”my favourite place to host a birthday party’€”and Christina went with a woodland animal theme for her little’€™s man special soiree. After scouring Pinterest for ideas, she boycotted most of them because they called for crafting skills she admittedly doesn’€™t possess. Instead, she headed to Michaels and an online store for simple cake toppers and paper party decorations. Combined with an already-owned wooden cake platter and some seasonal enhancements used at Christmas and Easter, her party pieces were set.

Christina believes that if you throw a party with love and sense of fun, it can’€™t help but turn out great. Isn’€™t that a great way to approach all of our parties? She planned a meal mostly meant for adults since they made up the bulk of the dinner guests, and for dessert she whipped up whimsical marshmallows using cooking cutters and a classic chocolate cake for the proper perching of the birthday candles.

My own little bunny will be a year old next month, and despite having thrown a total of 29 (!!!) birthday parties already for my other kids, I’€™ve still picked up some great tips and tricks from Christina.
What theme did you go with for your baby’€™s first birthday? Feel free to tell us all about the party in the comments.

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