An Olympic Party Plan: Delicious Ways to Cheer on Team Canada

Jan Scott April 27, 2016
Family Watching Olympics and Celebrating

Are you planning on watching the Olympics with your kids? My teens/tweens are really looking forward to it (hockey ranks among the most anticipated events, naturally) and we’€™re already planning a party menu for the first big event, slated to air later next week. Due to the time difference we’€™ll need to PVR the game and watch it in the evening, but that’€™s okay – it gives me more time to work on preparing our party menu.
I like to serve a combination of Olympic themed treats and Canadian classics that truly allow us to show our patriotism at the table. This year my menu will include:

When it comes to the décor, I have red and white decorations in mind, as well as accents of gold scattered throughout. Here are a few ideas for creating simple, festive decorations for your own party:

  • Purchase gold cardstock and cut large triangles from each sheet of paper. Glue the wide end of the shape to a gold ribbon for a sparkling banner that can be hung from the fireplace mantle, in between a door frame, or on the wall.
  • Hang a pair of vintage (or thrifted) ice skates on the back of a chair, or remove a picture from the wall and hang them from the existing nail for the night.
  • If you have an old-fashioned wooden sled, place it on your dining table and set the food out buffet-style on the sled.
  • Stick Canadian flags into jars of monochromic candy (red and white are easy to find this time of year) and scatter around your space.

How are you planning to celebrate Canada’€™s road to gold in Sochi this year?

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