An Olympic Party Plan: Fun & Delicious Ways to Cheer on Team Canada

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Are you watching the Olympics with your kids? My teens and tweens were really looking forward to it. An idea for a summer get-together is to plan a backyard viewing night, similar to if you were doing a backyard drive-in movie night.

Olympic Party Menu Ideas

For this Olympic party, plan on serving a combination of themed treats and Canadian classics that will truly allow you to show your patriotism at the table. Some Olympic party menu ideas include:

Olympic Party Décor Ideas

When it comes to the décor, I have red and white decorations in mind, as well as accents of gold scattered throughout. Yes, we do realize there are other medal colours, but gold goes really well with red and white, wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a few ideas for creating simple, festive decorations for your own party:

  • Purchase gold cardstock and cut large triangles from each sheet of paper. Glue the wide end of the shape to a gold ribbon for a sparkling banner that can be hung along your fence or through the tines of an outdoor umbrella.
  • For the summer games, think old track shoes hanging from nails on your fence, or maybe vintage lacrosse sticks to celebrate the fact that lacrosse will be included in the upcoming 2028 Olympic Games. Canada won gold in 1904 and 1908, the only times the sport was included in past games.
  • Spray paint tiki torches white and arrange safely around the yard. They will look festive with the added bonus of repelling mosquitos!
  • Stick Canadian flags into jars of monochromic candy (red and white jelly beans are yummy and patriotic) and scatter around your space.

How are you planning to celebrate Canada’s road to gold in Tokyo this summer?


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