Brownie Cake: The Easiest Dessert You’ll Make This Summer

Jan Scott October 4, 2016

Last weekend, I had less than an hour to pull together a celebration cake for my Dad who was marking a milestone birthday. He’€™d been in town for a few weeks, and as we were preparing to go out for dinner I realized I didn’€™t have a cake on hand to serve with coffee when we came back to my house with my sister and her family later in the evening.
However, I did have a carton of cold cream in the fridge, as well as a basket of fresh berries from the market I’€™d visited early that morning. I also had a jumbo box of brownie mix (this is my favourite) that I keep tucked in my pantry for emergency baking situations, and within a few minutes I’€™d unearthed the items needed to make a birthday cake everyone would be talking about for days to come.

The assembly couldn’€™t have been simpler: I baked two 8-inch round brownies (each was made from one package of brownie mix) and stacked them with whipped cream and fresh sliced berries sandwiched between to create a two layer cake that was simple and seasonal. The top of the cake was smothered in more whipped cream, extra berries and plenty of colourful candles. I’€™m tucking this idea into my back pocket for the rest of the summer and you can bet it will be my go to goodie for any entertaining I have penciled on the calendar for August.

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