Awesome Easter Basket Goodies That Aren’t Chocolate

Easter Basket Goodies That Aren't Chocolate - SavvyMom

Easter is right around the corner, and that means a whole lot of fun for the little ones (and parents, too). We adore hiding chocolate eggs for the hunt, but we relish our own search for some Easter basket goodies that aren’t chocolate (in all the sweet pastels and vibrant hues of spring) to top things up. Bonus – these toys, supplies, and collectibles can lead to hours of fun long after the last chocolate bunny has been devoured.

Awesome Easter Basket Goodies That Aren’t Chocolate

Easter Goodies That Aren't Chocolate - Canvas Easter Basket - Savvy

Canvas Easter Basket

We love starting with an aesthetically pleasing and roomy basket for all of those wonderful goodies, and this sweet cat option fits the bill. We know it will come in handy for storing any number of kid items throughout the rest of the year.

Price: $17 available at Indigo

Pencil Crayons for Easter Basket - SavvyMom

Under the Sea Pencil Crayon Set

We always, always love to encourage creativity and the arts in our kids starting at a young age. This wonderful set features colours perfect for drawing undersea life.

Price: $19.99 find them here

Mini-Brands Surprise Ball Easter - SavvyMom

Mini Brands Surprise Ball

It’s hard not to get a tad obsessed about collecting all these darling mini food brand toys. Perfect for the school-ager playing chef or grocery clerk, they are also loved by the tween crowd for their sheer on-trend popularity.

Price: $16; find them here

Easter Gifts Sun Bum Beach Flyer - SavvyMom

Beach Flyer Frisbee

Finally, we can get back outside to enjoy some spring weather sports and activities in the backyard, on the sidewalk, or at the park or beach. This Frisbee will provide hours of fun, and it’s a chill activity for the whole family (plus takes up little space in the car or at home).

Price: $17.98; find it here

Easter-Basket-Goodies Jellycat Bunny - SavvyMom

Jellycat Woodland Bunny

This adorably soft bunny will make the perfect gift for a toddler who just loves to clutch their prized possessions, and the photos will be adorable, too.

Price: $29.99; find it here

Easter Gifts - SavvyMom

Bunny House Gift Set

This is such a sweet set – we can’t figure out what which components we like best, the Easter-themed washi tape, carrot pens, or adorable house that holds all the items!

Price: $14.99; Find it here

Easter Gifts Crayola Modelling Clay - SavvyMom

Pastel Modelling Clay

What kid doesn’t like modelling clay? Plus, it’s so good for them to have this tactile experience, sinking their fingers into the clay and creating their own pieces of art – in colours perfect for spring.

Price: $2.49; Find it here

Little Girls' Tutu Skirt for Easter - SavvyMom

Glitter Tutu Skirt

Yes – it’s time to rock with this awesome glitter tutu, available in yellow or purple. It really goes with anything, from sweats to pyjama bottoms – no limits.

Price: $12.99; Find it here

Easter Gifts Little Bunny Rattle - SavvyMom

Little Bunny Rattle

Baby’s first Easter? This rabbit rattle is perfect for your little bunny and channels elegant Scandinavian minimalism.

Price: $12.98; Find it here

Easter Gifts Hacky Sack - SavvyMom

Hacky Sack

Hacky sacks are great. They’re inexpensive, portable, and perfect for hours (or at least a whole recess) of co-operative fun, with not a screen in site. We don’t mind having these tucked away in school bags, mudroom baskets, and anywhere a game of hacky could spontaneously erupt.

Price: $6; Find it here

Calico Critter Easter Gift - SavvyMom

Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Twins

These sweet critters are a hit with a variety of ages; this cute pair certainly looks appropriate for Easter.
Price: $11.99; Find it here

Easter Gifts Midliner Pen - SavvyMom

Midliner Double-Ended Pen

We absolutely swear by these amazing highlighters/markers – everyone in the house loves using them. The double-ended design provides both marker and highlighter options, and there are so many colours available that everyone will find their favourites.

Price: $8.99; Find it here

Peace Tea Strawberry Lemonade - SavvyMom

Peace Tea Strawberry Lemonade

Everybody – and we mean everybody – is in love with Peace Tea these days. The Strawberry Lemonade variety has a fraction of the caffeine contained in the more traditional iced tea flavours, and that attention-grabbing packaging is a big part of the

Price: $1; Find it here

Care Bears Surprise Box - SavvyMom

Care Bear Surprise Box

Yes!! We adore Care Bears and are so pleased to see that they are back, transported in time from the 80’s to the present. We already know these will be a bit hit in that Easter basket, so be sure to stock up!

Price: $6; Find it here

CampBrandWaterBottle - SavvyMom

Wavy Camp Water Bottle

Here’s a well-made water bottle that they’ll love so much, they might not lose it for a change (well, we can dream). The colours are so, so right and it’s durable, too.

Price: $20; Find it here

Positive Vibes T Shirt - SavvyMom

Positive Vibes T-Shirt

Bright colours, big smile – this shirt has us feeling groovy! We’re hoping our kiddos will feel the love every time they wear it, too.

Price: $12.99; Find it here

EasterGifts That Aren't Chocolate Herschel Beanie - SavvyMom

Elmer Beanie

Beanies for spring are indeed a thing – beanies help with bedhead, post-hockey helmet hair, and all around cool factor. Pick a lighter hue for the sunny, warmer months and let the little hipsters enjoy.

Price: $34.99; Find it here

National Parks Tote - SavvyMom

National Parks Graphic Tote

These bright and beautiful National Parks totes scream spring! After the long winter we’ve had, we are overjoyed to see them. Plus, everyone is crushing hard on totes these days so they’ll be a most welcome gift, indeed.

Price: $19.99; Find it here

Pineapple Lip Balm - SavvyMom

Pineapple Lip Balm

Cruelty-free. Perfectly moisturizing. Deliciously scented. And in a pineapple package, as
well. How can you go wrong with this delectable lip balm from Canadian company
Rebels Refinery?

Price: $6; Find it here

Sonic Hedgehog Figurine - SavvyMom

Funko Pop Sonic the Hedgehog Figure

When they really, really like Sonic, they really, really need this Sonic figure to decorate their room.

Price: $16; Find it here

CPAWS Sticker Sheet - SavvyMom

CPAWS Sticker Sheet

We love these stickers because they’re cute as can be AND they benefit a great cause – $2 from every sticker sheet goes to CPAWS Southern Alberta chapter, which has been has been working to keep rivers clean, maintain healthy forests, promote biodiversity, and preserve the ecological integrity of wild spaces since 1967.

Price: $6; Find it here


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