The First in a Series of Fujifilm Blogs: Baby Luke Makes His Debut


It’s fair to say that my life at this time is all about precious moments—and capturing them in between the chaos. For years, I studied photography and used to love to take my time setting up shots, but nowadays, I’m lucky if I can find my camera in time to take the picture. When it comes to capturing the energy of my three year-old daughter who is always on the move, I like to use the high speed shooting mode. This one worked perfectly for her (and was great for me to use because the camera itself is easy to hold).
3 year-olds are born to run

Then, there was the birth of my son. I had less than five minutes to explain to my husband how to use the camera before we went into the OR to give birth. The trick? Put it on the SR Auto option which means it will automatically choose the best format for the picture. There’s even a ‘warning’ that lets you know if your subject has blinked or not. I think Luke is forgiven for setting that one off in this picture.

Does your camera have a 'blink warning'?

The natural lighting option was one that I really gravitated towards because I’ve never been one to really have great success with a flash. I really liked the final effect.

Luke meets his sister.

Of course, I have to say the one I was most eager to try was the baby option—creating a softer-light effect on the subjects. Here are my two fave shots from that series.

Does your camera have a baby option?Luke and Allie.

So while I loved exploring the range of options on the S2950, what I love is that it’s a camera that can make the smart decision for you during those times when you’re running on three hours of sleep and you’ve spotted a moment you just must catch.


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