Be Accurate


Sometimes it feels like we need a Ph.D. in parenting to keep up with all of the information available these days. Then once you think you know what you need to know, the rules change. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the drugstore, when it comes to over-the-counter medications for children.
It’s not just the wide range of choices available that make decisions difficult for parents. It’s the administering of the medication that can get downright frustrating. How much is an appropriate amount for your child? It’s not really enough to base it on their age. Weight is more relevant, so if you have a smaller child, the dosage might be too much, yet it’s not enough for larger kids.

imageChildren’s AccuDial® is a revolutionary, new line of over-the-counter medication designed to give your child an accurate dose of medicine based on weight. The weight of children in the same age group can vary greatly, and they should not always be given the same amount of medicine.

According to the American Medical Association, 72% of children are dosed inaccurately with OTC medications. But with the patented AccuDial rotating dosing system, you simply twist the label to find your child’s weight in pounds or kilograms, and the specific dose recommendation—given in milliliters—will appear in the window beneath it. Then all you need to do is administer the medicine with the included AccuDial calibrated dosing spoon.

Children’s AccuDial not only provides a wonderful, new measurement system for dose control, it also offers a range of medicines to help aid the relief of pain and fever, coughs and colds, and seasonal allergies.

When it’s that accurate, it’s all right.


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