Capturing Holiday Memories


It’s here! After all the planning, shopping, wrapping and cookie making, the morning everyone has been counting down the days for has finally arrived. And after all that anticipation, it’s no wonder you can’t hold them back. There’s no time for Mom to brush her hair and get camera ready. There’s not even enough time to turn the lights on before the gifts get ripped open and the magic begins.
But you don’t want to miss this classic photo opportunity. Don’t let less than ideal lighting ruin a memory in the making. Capture your brightest and happiest moments (even if they take place in the dark) with Sony’s HDRCX300 Handy-cam Full HD Camcorder, featuring Exmor R CMOS.

This is one gift you might just have to buy for yourself before the big day arrives.

Keep in mind the following tips to help make your holiday videos worth watching year after year:

  • Take a few establishing shots of the room and event before you start recording all the action.
  • Ask questions—think of a list of holiday related questions to ask your guests and family members to give the video a story. Ask questions like, “What was your favourite gift this year?”, “What is your favourite holiday memory?”, “Who do you want to wish Happy Holidays to?” and so forth.
  • Get involved! Make sure you come out from behind the camera and participate in the event.
  • Edit your holiday video using software to eliminate the dull moments and focus on the fun ones. Once you’ve edited, make sure you share your holiday video with your friends and family.

Taking the Perfect Family Photos for the Holidays

One of the best things about the holidays is getting together with family, but it’s not always as relaxing as it should be. Take the family photo op, for example. On one hand you’re working to make sure everything at home is perfect with the meal and the decorations, and on the other you’re worrying about whether the kids are clean and smiling.

Don’t let the fear of juggling the tasks involved with putting on a holiday party keep you from capturing the event that your family will talk about for a lifetime! Sony’s HDRCX300 let’s you easily record memories in gorgeous 1920×1080 full HD or snap 7-megapixel still images directly to 16GB of embedded Flash memory. All that means is your shots will look great, even if your hands are full.

And speaking of having your hands full, if you’re juggling a tray while taking pictures, let Sony’s Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization with Active Mode and 3-Way Shake Canceling do the work in capturing remarkably smooth video.

Get snap-happy this holiday season with some tips on taking great family photos:

  • Gather the family and use the self-timer feature on the camera to capture the moment—you can look back next year and wonder at how everyone has grown.
  • Take turns being the official photographer—that way everyone gets in the picture and can also enjoy the event.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures of your décor. You worked hard to make it so pretty, might as well enjoy it for years to come.

And most importantly, smile!

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