Big Book of Kids’ Birthday Cakes


Last month I was sent a copy of the newly published Big Book of Kids’€™ Birthday Cakes. The 350 page collection of new and favourite recipes is the only book you’€™ll ever need to get through the birthday cake-making days of parenthood.
Nothing is more exciting to a child than their birthday party, and as far as I’€™m concerned the most crucial element of the celebration is the cake. It doesn’€™t have to be homemade of course, but if you’€™re into creating your own confections this book will certainly guide you’€”there are plenty of creative and delicious ideas tucked between the pages.

With themes ranging from fantasy and adventure to animals and transportation, there is a cake for every topic of interest. The section of ‘€˜number’€™ cakes also enables parents to celebrate a new year with age appropriate themes like a race track in the shape of a number four, or adorable duckling-topped cupcakes lined up to form a number one.

For older kids who might want to take charge of making their own cakes, the instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow, and boys and girls of all ages will love pouring over the pages as they attempt to choose their favourite of the lot.

Other options inside the book include:

  • A princess castle
  • Snakes and Ladders board made up of cupcakes
  • A construction hat
  • A buzzy beehive
  • The Solar System

And if you’€™re looking for spring-themed birthday cakes we have a few fun options to choose from in our archives:

Mini Eggs Easter Cake
Spring Celebration Garden Cake
Watermelon Birthday Cake
Artist’€™s Palette Birthday Cake
Baker’€™s Delight Birthday Cake

Do you like to make birthday cakes or do you prefer to outsource them to a local bakery? Have your kids ever wanted to make their cakes?


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