Bringing Books to Life


At first all you can think about is getting them to sleep through the night, then it’s walking and talking. These are all big milestones and proud parenting moments, to be sure. But as you graduate into the preschool years, there is nothing like the joy of watching a child learn to read. Watching them sound out those letters and string them together to make a word is magic.
It seems that the people at LeapFrog® already know about this ‘magic’ as they have created the all-new, web-connected TAG™ Reading System. Quite simply, it brings books to life.

Easy to use, amazingly responsive and small enough for a child to take anywhere, the TAG™ reader takes just one touch to make words talk and pictures sing. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? It’s actually a small, sophisticated infrared camera at the tip of the reader that does all the work. It “reads” letters, words and symbols printed on the special dot-patterned pages of books in the TAG™ reader collection. As children touch the TAG™ reader to the pages, the characters, pictures and learning activities spring to life with every touch, immersing children in the thrill of reading.

Designed for children four to eight, the TAG™ Reading System works with a library of more than 20 books and games. Children can explore classic books such as Olivia, The Little Engine That Could, or join popular characters from great books like Kung Fu Panda, Disney Princesses and Go Diego Go.

Amazingly easy to use, the TAG™ reader holds audio for up to five books at a time. Simply connect the TAG™ reader to your computer with the included USB cable, download the audio for your TAG™ books and drag-and-drop up to five of your children’s favorite stories onto your TAG™ reader.

While online, you can also see your children’s progress in recent books, get detailed updates on the skills they are exploring and share in their accomplishments by creating a free LeapFrog® Learning Path.

Books that talk? Well, it proves that anything is possible. With a good education, our children will learn that too, and it all starts with an interest in reading.


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