A Head Above the Rest: Beakerhead


Have you ever found a Jackson Pollock on your walls, or discovered strange concoctions in the kitchen? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed dinner become a tiered structure in a matter of minutes. If so, you’ve got a Beakerhead in the house.

The Beakerhead Festival (on this weekend until Sunday) is all about combining art, science and engineering in outrageous, interactive, and just-plain-fun ways. With a range of activities, workshops and ticketed events across Calgary, there are also some free family events that are great for adventurous personalities both big and small.

Little Big Street: all days from 9 am–8 pm at Olympic Way & 12th Avenue SE
Why you should go: Little Big Street is perfect for those kids who love to get right into the thick of things. They can check out the human-sized nest, marvel at the inflatable lotus and visit a fire-breathing gnome. It’s filled with interactive structures, so come with snacks and lots of energy.

Stephen Avenue Walk: Thursday & Friday, 4–6 pm
Why you should go: This is a fun walk for little ones who aren’t quite out of the stroller yet. With science-themed busking performances (future musicians will love the momentum drummers), there are over 16 different spots to catch a fun show. There are interactive opportunities as well (like walking through corn starch—really) for kids who are budding performers or need a little more activity.

Catharsis Catapult Competition: Sunday, 2–5 pm at Winsport Canada Olympic Park
Why you should go: If you have ever watched your child throw something across the room with enthusiasm, you won’t want to miss this event. Local teams arrive with their designed catapults and all the ‘unwanted’ stuff they’ve collected from their homes. They compete to see who can chuck their items the farthest (it’ll have you seriously thinking about signing up for next year).

Celebrate surviving the second week of school with some wild, educational fun—you’ll be a-head of the learning game.

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