Monster Mini Golf


If glow-in-the-dark makes your kids’ eyes sparkle, and you’re looking for a mini-putt place that’s a cut above the rest, bring the beasts and ghouls out to Monster Mini Golf.

Located in the NE, Monster Mini Golf is full of spooky, silly fun with amazing animatronics that appeal to goblins young and old. Our kids were glowing—literally—thanks to the funky black lights and bright neon colours in the space. Families enter the arcade part first (which is free to wander through) and the mini-putt is located at the back. Extremely friendly staff (or ‘Mad Scientists’) are on hand to help with all areas. The golf area is open for viewing, letting the kids enjoy the monster antics before hitting the course. We loved that after you purchase your tickets, you are given a number—so you can let the goblins go and spend time in the arcade area rather than wait in line. The staggered times also mean less congestion on the course.

When your turn comes, the Mad Scientist makes sure you have the right sized putters, and gives you the full breakdown of rules at the ‘cemetery gate’. Plus, they make a point of reassuring the smallest of your party that the monsters (massive animatronic creatures) aren’t menacing, but in fact are babies themselves—which helps to ease any concerns the small set may have. Be sure to keep listening to the DJ—there are mini-contests held during your tee time. Get your groove on and you might win a prize.

The arcade offers a range of game options for all ages—from fishing for the littlest ghouls up to bigger games even Dad would enjoy. Instead of coins and prize tickets, cards can be purchased to use at each game, and any prize tickets won transfer automatically to your card—no lost tickets scattered on the floor! We recommend dressing the kids in black-light friendly colours (white, neon) in order to help them stand out among the crowd.

For your older beasts who like classic monsters, the two spacious gothic party rooms make for a horrifically fun party atmosphere. Party packages start at $275 and include both mini-golf and the arcade.

Monster Mini Golf is a scream. Scared of missing out on more mini-golf options? Check out these four Awesome Mini-Putt Courses in Calgary.




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