Take a Hike with Nature’s Tracks Forest Play


Between Netflix, iPods and MineCraft, outdoor time is fighting a tough battle with screen time for our kids’ attention.

But connecting kids with the great outdoors is now a whole lot easier since Nature’s Tracks Forest Play sprouted roots in Canmore. Offering weekly outdoor adventures for the 4 to 14-year-old set, this summer camp and after-school program thrusts kids back into the natural world and teaches them how to navigate the landscape. That’s right, you’ll have your own miniature Davy Crockett on your hands, keen to teach you how to make dandelion tea and which berries are safe to eat.

The focus is child-led, building on our kid’s sense of direction and independence. That means helicopter parents will have to take a chill pill because kids learn proper knife handling skills, how to start a fire and most importantly, how to feel safe and comfortable in the woods.

Warning: the side effects from participating in this eco-adventure include increased self-esteem, resilience and desire for unstructured free play.

Who says telling them to take a hike is bad parenting?

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