Big Mama’s Special Day


We love technology, but sometimes it lets us down a bit…like our hair. This morning you received the April Guide (again) and now we send you our scheduled article for today.
While your traditional Mother’s Day is still weeks away, another day to thank mom is just around the corner. Earth Day is April 22 this year and Mother Nature is looking for a little love. Like most moms, she doesn’t want lavish gifts, just a little bit of appreciation. Here is her wish list for this year, compiled by Earth Day Canada.

1. Park It
Hook up with other school moms and organize a drop-off, pick-up schedule. For those with a daily downtown commute, register at the City of Calgary-endorsed to find a carpool match.

2. Shut Down
Power down your appliances when not in use. Better yet, unplug them and save even more energy. When you are finished using them, take a trip to the Currie Barracks and drop them off free of charge at Recycle-Logic.

3. Where’s the Beef?
While Mother Nature would like you to try eating a meatless dinner once a week, she didn’t say you had to cook it. Try the organic, vegetarian and (we promise) delicious menu at The COUP restaurant.

4. Eat It
Pay attention to your food’s hometown and look for locals. We’re lucky, Calgary has several local Farmer’s Markets.

5. Let It Rot
Composting is an easy way to make a big impact on local landfills. Want to learn? Clean Calgary Association offers composting courses. The next one is coming up April 24 at their downtown location. The Calgary EcoStore sells The Earth Machine for a low $23.58. Buy online and get it delivered for 12 bucks more.

6. Don’t Idle
When you’re not driving, turn off your engine. Learn more about reducing your ecological footprint at the City of Calgary website.

7. Keep Your Eye on the Temp
Turn your thermostat up or down one degree for energy savings. Also, check out Bullfrog Power’s wind energy program as an alternative to burning fossil fuels. Bullfrog has received Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo certification.

8. Bright Ideas
Replace a few light bulbs with compact fluorescents, available at most hardware stores. For more ideas on how to improve Mother Nature’s health, read the green book, available at

9. Don’t Dump It—Blue Box It!
We are hoping this is Calgary’s last Earth Day without a city-wide recycling program. In the meantime, check out alternatives like Residential Recycling.

10. Tell Someone
Share your plan to celebrate Earth Day. For a listing of Earth Day activities visit the Earth Day events calendar.

So round up the kids and show you care. Teaching them a bit of appreciation for their Mother is a very important lesson, we know.

Congratulations to the winners of the Earth Hour Clean Air Pass Contest: Allison from Winnipeg, MB; Meredith from Stratford, ON; Tina from Mississauga, ON; Angela from Mississauga, ON and Martha from Vancouver, BC.


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