Gear Up


Ready, set, go! Summer’s here. With only seventy days before school resumes in the fall (yes, we counted), we believe in soaking up every second outdoors. Of course, we’re likely to see a little hail, thunder-booming downpours and maybe even a sub-zero temperature or two (particularly due west of the city). But, being the tough and rugged Canadians we are, weather does not stop us from sleeping in tents, swimming in chilly lakes and hiking the peak.
That’s where the gear comes in. Unlike our grown up selves, kids tend to need new gear every season just to enjoy playing in the elements (like a long sleeve bathing suit, mid-layer fleece jacket and waterproof breathable pants all in the same day). But who wants to spend their summer days shopping at the mall for the next size up?

Entrepreneur and mom to one little girl, Kristy Jahn-Smith is an outdoor enthusiast committed to teaching children the value of exercise and good old fashioned fresh mountain air by setting an active example on her bike, skis and hiking boots. Jahn-Smith recently launched Rocky Mountain Kid, an online retail shop dedicated to kids’ outdoor clothing and gear.


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