Chocolate 24/7


We’re not sure when the addiction started. And while we know the first step to breaking the addiction is admitting we have one (we do, we do), we’re not really sure we want to.
We’re talking about chocolate and it’s definitely not going out of our lives anytime soon, and that’s why we’re excited about our latest online find.

Inspired by an article she read on Fair Trade chocolate, Tracy Edelist, mother of two daughters, founded A Taste For Chocolate in 2006, bringing together her entrepreneurial spirit and her longtime addiction to the darkest delight. Tracy now focuses on bringing the pleasure of high quality chocolates to chocolate-lovers with her popular tasting events (a great idea for a moms’ group get-together, if you’re in the Toronto area). She knows which chocolate makers around the world make the best chocolate, and she only chooses products made with the best natural ingredients (no artificial flavours for her).

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you should visit her online store where she ships her delectable finds to chocolate-lovers across Canada. If you know what you like, you can shop by type of chocolate, brand or cacao origin. There’s even a clearance section!


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