C’Mon Get Hoppy!

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Win Dad’s heart this Father’s Day with a dinner fortified with one of his favourite ingredients—beer. This all-star line-up of simple recipes—including a thirst-quenching drink and decadent dessert—are made with a variety of ales that are guaranteed to please him on his special day.

Family Meal

beer can chicken best recipes for father's day

While the chicken may look a little ridiculous perched on top of a can of partially consumed beer, this method of cooking actually results in a flavourful and tender piece of meat. The chicken dry roasts on the outside while simultaneously is bathed with beer on the inside resulting in a perfectly cooked piece of protein.

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15 Minute Meal

beer burgers the best recipes for father's day

These big and beefy burgers are infused with a touch of beer, then brushed with a beer-based barbecue sauce while cooking. Be sure to butter and toast the buns before topping with the grilled patties—it will provide a barrier and keep the bread from turning soggy. 

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Toddler Meal

beer batter fish tacos the best recipes for father's day

This family-friendly meal is the perfect DIY dinner. Set out the various toppings in small bowls around the table and let everyone assemble their own taco. Toddlers probably don’t need the beer batter so consider omitting the beer batter and marinating the fish in olive oil, lime juice, salt and cilantro for at least an hour before grilling.

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Easy Entertaining

lemon shandy the best recipes for father's day

This mellow yellow refresher is ideal for the warm-weather months. Traditionally made with soda, this version uses plain lemonade in place of the carbonated drink. Feel free to play around with the proportions of the ingredients until you reach the formula that tastes best.

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black and tan cake for father's day

This sweet riff of the classic cocktail made from dark and pale ales provides a decadent finish to Dad’s beer-based dinner. Feel free to make the cake one day in advance and ice just before serving.

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Make Dad’s day delicious. Savour all 5 of our hoppy Father’s Day Meals this sunday.

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