Creative Ways to Host a Virtual Birthday Party for Kids

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas
Young girl holding a birthday cake and having online celebration

Birthdays are coming and going for kids everywhere during the Coronavirus crisis, but with no parties or friends, it can be tough for everyone to adjust to these strange times. If you’re looking for something a bit different to make your little ones feel special here are a few creative ways to do it.

Host a Virtual Dance Party

Gather up a few friends on a video call, get the music going and go wild. Extra points for flashy lights and awesome outfits. This might just be the perfect time to go all out with your attire. These types of parties are a great idea for kids who love to move and groove.

Lead a Group in Karaoke

Here’s another fun thing to do rather than just chat on a video call. If you’ve got access to a karaoke machine, cue up a few songs and have everyone take their turn belting a tune out.

Get Fancy With A Glama Gals Virtual Spa

Sometimes a parent just needs to outsource. The Glama Gals are well-known for their awesome spa birthday parties, and now they’re going virtual. When you book a virtual Glama Gal Kids Spa Birthday Party, you arrange a date and time for the party and for the curbside pick-up of your Virtual Spa Party Kits. Then, you deliver the kits to your party guests, log on for your scheduled birthday party time and get ready to enjoy a virtual spa party with a host for an hour of fun!

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Especially good for really little ones, you can inject a little magic into their day by hiding and burying things around your yard for kids to find. You could also create a treasure map and put a little backstory behind it. (Does your family come from a long line of pirates? Maybe now is a good time to discover the lost box of treasure under your backyard tree!)

Check Out ECHOage

For a while now, ECHOage has been helping people give back at birthday parties through their e-invites and charitable donations in lieu of gifts. Now, they’ve shifted to not only allow you to celebrate and support frontline workers, but they’ve also got a great list of 10 Creative Ways to Keep the Virtual Party Going.

Host a Roblox Party

The gaming platform Roblox is already hugely popular with kids and is a great hangout spot for socializing with online and real-life friends. Roblox recently launched a “Play Together” game sort, which makes it easier for players to find the games where you can socialize with others. They’re also offering a VIP server for 10 Robux (10 cents) that allows users to play with family, friends, classmates and others they choose in a private virtual space — like a virtual birthday party! The set up is a teensy bit confusing, so you may want to get your kids involved (they’ll figure it out in no time), and then let the kids play and have fun in their private space.

Let SkyZone Handle It

The popular trampoline park is offering free online parties and it’s a great option for parents who would like a host to take over. The party itself is about 20 to 25-minutes and includes a party host who will lead the kids through games and activities to get kids moving. You can expect things like Simon Says, dance battles, trivia and even teaching the kids a TikTok dance. They’ll also lead the group in singing Happy Birthday while parents bring in the cake.

Try Some Classic Backyard Games

Always a classic and easy way to have some fun, backyard games can range from bean bag toss, potato sack races, obstacle courses and even donut-eating-on-a-string! Set up a bunch and get everyone in the family involved (not just the kids!)



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  1. Lyn on August 18, 2021 at 4:23 am

    That is a great idea especially this pandemic. I was able to celebrate my child’s birthday through virtual with the help of her Teacher in art class at GIA ( We celebrated it by giving free art activity and her friend host it. She enjoyed it a lot.

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