Cute & Creepy Craft Contest


For those of you who have taken the time to post, vote, or simply peruse through the photos entered in our Facebook photo contest over the last few months, thank you. We at SavvyHQ have loved seeing the amazing array of pics from pets to summer swimmers to back-to-school shots. If you haven’t had a chance to see them, take a peek at our winning photo albums.
For October, we’re adding a little bit of spice to the mix. Knowing there’s a spooky holiday approaching, and knowing we’ve got some amazingly savvy moms out there who have such great ideas to share… we’re asking for a little something extra.

So from October 18 to 27 (that’s right, just over one week!), we’re asking our readers to submit a photo and instructions for a truly spooky savvy Halloween craft. It can be something as simple as a drawing your child made! Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Something simple to make (even a toddler could do it, with help)
  • Using or reusing materials you could find at home (i.e. egg cartons, pipe cleaners, other craft supplies)
  • We’re totally open to edible craft ideas as well!

Take a photo of the craft to post on our Facebook fan page and put the instructions in the comment box. Then get your friends to come out and vote! After a week, we’ll go through the selections and post our readers’ top five faves. The top five will be displayed in a photo album on our Facebook page. The SavvyHQ team will select the winning craft from the five options. As well as having their craft featured on our SavvyBlog, the winner will receive prize pack of five gorgeous kids’ books (a great excuse to cozy up and read together).

Here’s what to do:

  1. If you have a Facebook account, become a SavvyMom Facebook fan. Be sure to click the ‘Like’ option if you are not a fan already.
  2. If you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s time to open one. Then follow the steps in number 1.
  3. Post a comment on our wall with your full name, the craft instructions and attach your photo to the comment. Hit submit.
  4. Photos and instructions will automatically be uploaded onto our ‘Photo’ tab where you will see them in the Fan Photos Section.
  5. Now share your fabulous craft on your own Facebook page and get your friends to vote!

If you’re voting for a fabulous photo:

  1. Become a SavvyMom Facebook Fan.
  2. Go to the ‘Photos’ tab and click on the photo/craft of your choice.
  3. Type SAVVY in the comment section.
  4. Now share your new fave craft on your own Facebook page and get your friends to vote, too.

See our contest rules for more details. The five crafts with the most Facebook fan votes will be displayed on an album on our page.

We will announce our winners at the end of the contest on our SavvyBlog and on our SavvyMom Facebook Fan Page where the top five choices will be on display in their very own savvy album. If you are the winner, be sure to share your glory with your friends and family!

Please note the following with respect to your submissions: Savvy Mom Media assumes all entries are photos of entrants who either own the photo or are authorized to distribute the photo, with all rights granted therein. SavvyMom Media is not liable for any copyright or privacy infringement on the part of the entrant. Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of Savvy Mom Media to use it for exhibition, promotion and publication purposes in any medium. By submitting a photo via the Facebook page, the user has accepted these terms and conditions. For contest rules and regulations, click here.


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