Dorset Cereal


We’re all about making sure the kids eat a good breakfast but we don’t always apply the same rules to ourselves. Now with the grown-up concoctions from Dorset Cereals, there’s really no excuse. Hailing from England (that’s where Dorset is), these muesli-style cereals are chock full of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and multi-grain goodness, always filling, but never too sweet. There are seven recipes to choose from so you can have a different taste sensation every morning if you choose. We’re particularly partial to the Super Cranberry, Cherry & Almond, the Super High Fibre (it’s all about the coconut) and the latest addition to the lineup, the Organic Fruit, Nuts and Seeds. Stock up on a box or two—breakfast might become your favourite meal. (Widely available in grocery stores, $6.99,


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