Easy Toddler Party Theme: Colour, Colour, and More Colour

How to Throw a Simple Colour-Themed Party

We’re celebrating my toddler’s birthday this weekend, and in keeping on trend for 2017 my plan is to make this party as simple as possible. When someone I know asked me recently what the party theme was I stumbled over my words a little, because truth be told there really isn’t a theme this year. It’s the middle of February, and we’ve had more grey days than I can count, so my only thought about the decorations and cake was to make both as colourful as possible. When I told my friend that we were just going to have a colourful party instead of one with a specific theme, she broke into a huge grin and said she thought that was a fabulous idea. Phew.

I don’t have the entire thing planned out yet, but I know I want to buy as little as possible for this party. It’s my third party of 2017 (yes, already!) and I want to use as many leftover decorations and craft items as possible.

Here’s what I have planned:

For the decorations:

  • A proper paper chain garland: Do you remember the ones we used to make in elementary school? I picked up a pack of colourful cardstock and plan on making a long paper chains to hang in rows around the dining room.
  • I’m repurposing the coloured heart banner I hung from the mantle for Valentine’s Day. With a birthday so close to that special day, I feel that it’s okay to keep the hearts around for a few more days.
  • An oversized gold number balloon: This is one of my go-to party décor items, and I hope to get a picture each year with my son holding his number balloon at his party.
  • Like I do for most of my parties, I’ll cover my dining table in Kraft paper and give the kids crayons to keep them occupied while they’re eating. If doesn’t end up with too many milk spills and pasta stains I’ll fold it keep it tucked away in his baby box.

For the cake:

The Main Meal:

  • I’m planning the same thing that I did last year: three different kinds of baked pasta dishes with killer garlic bread and a green salad. So simple and definitely crowd-pleasing.

I don’t spend a lot of time on loot bags, so I’m sending the cousins home with boxes of Smarties and glow bracelets. Both are cheap and cheerful—not to mention colourful!—and won’t create too much waste at home.


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