Egg Hazards


Easter might be over but there could still be some chocolate lingering in your house (we’ll be talking about ideas on how to use those excess choco-bunnies this week). Apparently chocolate is not the only thing lingering, though.
We’ve got a few safety tips to consider before consuming any hard-boiled coloured eggs lying around the kitchen. Before you rush to make a batch of egg-salad sandwiches, make sure you’ve looked at these points first.

  • If the eggs have been left out at room temperature for any length of time, they are not safe to consume.
  • If you have any concerns about the dye used for your eggs, do not consume.
  • If the eggs are visibly dirty, cracked or were not stored in the fridge within two hours of being out, do not use.

Chocolate, however, is still up for grabs, so continue to enjoy.

Tips from Health and Safety Watch


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