The List: 19 Savvy Toys for Spring


There’s no doubt spring fever has got you thinking about toys for Jack and Jill. Whether it’s something that makes you go fast (read: it’s on wheels), or a place to host a tea party, we’ve got some great ideas to ramp up your fair-weather fun with The List: 19 Savvy Toys for Spring.
Eco Teepee
The classic fort gets an uplift with Dexton Kids’ 6-Foot Eco Teepee. Made of durable water repellant and fire resistant canvas, it is intended to be sturdy enough for outdoor play while easily broken down and built back up for indoor play (or vice versa). With beautiful graphics and bright colours, the sky’s the limit for all the fun that can be had on the earth. ($159.99, where to buy)

Kickboard Mini-KickKickboard Mini-Kick
Being mini is great for celebrity mice, certain dog breeds, and brownies. But when in comparison in age and size to everyone else…not so much. Rejoice, juniors—there’s a scooter that is just as excellent as the big-kid version. The Mini-Kick by Kickboard (a Canadian company that imports the designs from Switzerland) offers the three to five year-old scooter enthusiast a low-to-the-ground scooter with a large foot base for easy riding. It’s lightweight, folds up for easy portability and will allow the youngest member of the family to scoot along on family outings easily. That’s huge. ($99.99, where to buy)

Radio Flyer Inch WormRadio Flyer Inch Worm
Inch-by-inch, kids get bigger and gravitate towards more exciting toys. Radio Flyer’s modern take on the classic 1970’s ride-on toy, The Inchworm, will have them bouncing and rolling around on their own. Created with a comfortable saddle, heart-shaped handle and foot rest to help steady the youngest toddler, we expect it to worm its way into your heart, too. ($79.95, where to buy)


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