Spring Party Table Décor

Nature is one of the best sources of inspiration, whether you’re holding your party indoors or outside. You can transform your table into a spring garden of its own with these quick and easy ideas—it’ll be so ‘bloomin’ beautiful, you’ll want to keep it this way for awhile.
Decorate your table with fun bugs

Here are 9 tips to get you started:

  • Use green tablecloths to represent the grass.
  • Hang white and blue paper lanterns to represent the sky.
  • Cut flower and bug shapes from 12″x12″ pieces of cardstock, and use as placemats.
  • Use spring–themed stickers and decals to decorate the tablecloth.
  • Scatter plastic and/or wooden bugs around the table.
  • Fill a large glass jar or vase with gummy worms for centerpiece.
  • Serve drinks in a plastic watering can and call it “Bug Juice”.
  • Paint plant pots yellow and black (bees), and red and black (ladybugs) and use as serving bowls.
  • Use colourful paper plates and napkins (green = grass, red = ladybugs, yellow = bees, blue = grass, pink = flowers)

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