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Last fall, we talked about how to have a nutritious November. It’€™s something we always strive for, given that November is the month nicely nestled between our Thanksgiving feast in October and the holiday season in December, both of which are known for being a little indulgent.
I’€™m feeding my family the same way this year, cutting back on chocolate and wine (the horror!), while also piling the dinner plates extra high with veggies and other good-for-you ingredients. Luckily, I have new inspiration for helping my family eat well this month thanks to a cookbook that landed on my desk last week.

Jamie Oliver’€™s latest publication, Everyday Super Food, is his playbook for living a healthier, happier life. Admittedly the most personal of his titles, he found himself approaching 40 and armed with a desire to be in the best shape of his life. Deciding that knowledge is power, he sought the wisdom of doctors and nutritionists, not to mention ordinary people living in some of the healthiest communities around the world, and has packaged his findings into a cookbook full of well-rounded and balanced recipes designed to tickle your taste buds.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the book:

Overall Impression:

This is a well-researched book with a lot of information on healthy eating. Not family-focused specifically, but definitely a good book to keep in the family cookbook library for healthy cooking inspiration.

5 Recipes Your Family Won’€™t Be Able to Live Without:

  1. Granola Dust: A protein powder-like substance made from pulverized oats, nuts, seeds and fruits. Can be added to smoothies, cereal, pancakes, and muffins.
  2. Figgy Banana Bread: This version of the popular snack food is loaded with whole grains, nuts, seeds, and uses figs in place of sugar.
  3. Skinny Carbonara: This quick-cooking decadent comfort food ditches the full fat cream in favour of yogurt, nuts, and vegetables. There’€™s still cheese and a bit of bacon, making it flavourful yet nutritious.
  4. Healthy Chicken Caesar: Finely sliced cauliflower is added to shredded lettuce, chopped chicken and homemade whole-grain croutons and tossed with a lightened up dressing.
  5. Pork and Applesauce Glazed Carrots with Brown Rice and Greens: This perfect healthy fall meal for family dinner boats three servings of veggies per person.

Bonus Points Awarded For:
The ‘Snacks & Drinks’ chapter at the back of the book. This is where I found a treasure trove of information, and it exists to provide cooks and eaters with healthy snack options that come in at around 100 calories. Jamie offers suggestions for 100-calorie salad snack bowls; plenty of ideas for flavouring stove-popped popcorn; creative inspiration for serving up humble cucumber sticks; tasty and versatile recipes for homemade nut butters and easy flavoured waters. This is the chapter I’€™ll be visiting over and over, I’€™m sure of it.

Are you having a nutritious November? What cookbooks are inspiring you these days?


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