An Extra-Curricular Activity All About Empowerment & Inclusion for Girls

Raising girls to be women in this day and age is an incredible and rewarding job, but it’s also ridiculously tough to know if you’re doing it right.

I’ve got three daughters and I’m constantly questioning myself. Did I say the right thing today? Did I model the right behaviour? Have I enrolled them in the right activities?

It’s a lot.

Like most of the parents I know, my ultimate goal is to raise smart, confident, empowered and empathetic girls—but that is a heck of a lot to put on my plate. So I was pretty thrilled when I read all about Sparks and signed my 5-year old up this fall, because I feel good knowing that Girls Guides is going to help me achieve those goals.

Through Girl Guides of Canada, my shy little kid is going to be learn independence and meet new friends. She’ll be a part of a community that teaches kids about inclusion, encourages them to express themselves and helps them to develop important life skills.

You can’t get much better than that. But if you need a little extra convincing, check out this story of another mom and her daughter talking about what Girl Guides has meant to them.

Thank you to Girl Guides for partnering with us on this video! You can check out Girl Guides of Canada for more information.


This was created in partnership with Girl Guides of Canada, but all the opinions are our own. We don’t tell you about products and services we don’t believe in. Parenting is hard enough as it is – no need to wade through extra info we don’t stand by!


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