Food Goals for 2012


I’€™m not one for making resolutions, unlike Minnow, but I do set aside some time to plan a few goals for myself for the coming year. Here are a few of the food-inspired ones I’€™m hoping to accomplish in the coming months:

  1. Learn more about cooking and baking with natural sugars versus their processed counterparts and develop recipes using these organic sweeteners.
  2. Grow one more vegetable than I did last year (hopefully this will be easy to accomplish since my garden gave me a whopping four carrots last year).
  3. Be gentle with myself when time doesn’€™t permit me to make a proper meal. No one has ever died from eating apples, popcorn and hot chocolate for dinner.
  4. Get my tween back into the kitchen to cook with me (hockey has a way of making that difficult, but I’€™m determined). He eats more than I can cook, and I would like to ensure he’€™s capable of preparing a good meal for himself.
  5. Wean said child off Nutella by making my own.
  6. Eat less meat-based and more vegetarian meals.
  7. Introduce more ‘€˜superfoods’€™ to my weekly meal plans.
  8. Remember to eat lunch! (You would be amazed at how difficult this is for me when I’€™m working alone at home).

Now it’€™s your turn. Tell me, what are some of your food-related goals for 2012?


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