Side by Side by Side


It’€™s a new year and time to settle an ongoing debate: Baxter appeared in this world with a full and bizarrely dark head of hair and a nose closely resembling his mother’€™s mother. Like his mother, Baxter also had wonderful eyes. At seven months he has changed dramatically. Now there is the face of a boy emerging. A metamorphosis.
And then came a recent discovery as I browsed through my photos. Perched between my sister and brother in a classic bathtub scene, is Baxter. A little older, thus bigger, and a little more tanned (as previously mentioned, in my family you weren’€™t healthy without a good base), but that looked like my son in this photo! Of course it is baby-me with my siblings enjoying a good old fashion Montreal family bath, but I was nonetheless bowled over. In the photo I’€™ve omitted my naked siblings and placed Baxter on the left. If you don’€™t see the resemblance, I assure you, a live viewing is a more convincing argument with more similarities than mentioned here: cheeks that would rival Dizzy Gillespie’€”check; baby boobs’€”check; large floppy ears’€”check; a distinguished blond Dracula hairline’€”check; rolls, folds and dimples’€”check, check and check.

Should I feel bad for Amy though? We both know it’€™s beyond our control. It’€™s certainly not a contest. There are no winners and losers, and honestly I pray he’€™ll begin to look more like his mother as time pushes forward (for his sake). I’€™m reassured by the rapid change in the last seven months. I imagine anything can happen as the years tick by and decades roll over… On second thought, let’€™s just say I win.

Happy New Year.


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