What little geniuses—building a fort under the dining room table and developing those important engineering-type skills. No better exercise for the imagination.
There’s also no better exercise for mom than putting away all the chairs, the blankets, the pillows and the tablecloths when the fort building is done and the kids have moved onto the next make-a-mess activity.

That’s why we love the new toy from Cranium, Super Fort. It’s a 73-piece set specially designed for junior fort builders—with rigid and flexible foam tubing; magnetic connectors; floor, ceiling and wall panels; and clips to hold them in place. There’s also an instruction manual with easy to follow images which show how to build everything from a space ship to a castle. Of course, like with all the best toys, imagination is the only limitation on how many designs the kids can dream up and construct. Oh, and did we mention the storage bag that all this stuff easily fits into when the building’s done?


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