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Spit on right shoulder, coffee stain on lapel, rice cereal on silk tie. The telltale signs of working parents and the chaos that reins in their household between six and eight in the morning. Then comes the phone call from super nanny who is not so super today because you are left high and dry with no back up.
Did you say back up?

If you (or your organization) are a client of Kids & Company, a Markham, Ontario-based childcare provider, you have back up. Kids & Company offers emergency childcare for infants to 13-year-olds when regular arrangements fall through. The back-up program is just one of many flexible options Kids & Company offers to employees of its corporate clients—more than 1,500 companies across Canada.

For Victoria Sopik, mother of eight and CEO of Kids & Company, it just doesn’t make sense to have a rigid approach to childcare: “When you have toddlers and you’re working, things come up no matter how organized you are,” says Sopik. “We adapt to the changing needs of parents rather than forcing them into a structure that’s convenient for us.”

Kids & Company recently designated one of its Toronto locations as a 24-7 facility. It’s primarily a resource for professionals who don’t work traditional hours but Sopik says “Nine to five clients are making it available to parents who occasionally need to come into the office on a weekend.”

Through its unique model, Kids & Company works with family-friendly companies who want to add guaranteed childcare as part of their suite of employee benefits. Employees who go on maternity leave are guaranteed a full-time or part-time space for their child once they return to work and, even if they choose another option, they have the peace of mind of knowing that they don’t have to scramble if their regular arrangement fails. Find out if your company is a Kids & Company client. If it’s not, speak to your HR department or call for more information.

What are you waiting for? Tomorrow could be the day your super nanny gets a cold!

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