The Control Factor


Girl relinquishes control of the remote, boy is happy. Girl gets pregnant, boy is happy. Girl has baby, boy is happy. Baby grows up, boy is happy. (Baby breaks remote, boy is not happy.) Girl regains control of the remote—kids are happy.
Moms just want to have control over what the kids are watching on TV. Not a lot to ask, right?

The people at Treehouse are listening and they have teamed up with Intel to make your options even more exciting.

Download your favourite Treehouse shows (or get your kids to teach you how!)
You already know that Treehouse TV is the #1 station for preschoolers. They’ve got all the popular shows—such as Max & Ruby, Berenstain Bears, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends, and Rolie Polie Olie. lets you download all the popular shows to watch whenever you want. Since you own your downloads, your children can watch them over and over. (And over and over and over.) You can even download them to your laptop and take them with you.

Now you can watch them on your TV with Intel® Viiv™ technology
It’s even more amazing if you have an Intel Viiv entertainment PC. You can get comfy on the couch and watch your downloads right on your TV. That’s because Intel Viiv technology connects your PC to your TV. You can surf the Internet, watch DVDs, record TV shows, view photos and play games—all on the big screen. And you don’t have to be tech-savvy. One simple remote lets you control everything.

Bring a big world of entertainment to your living room.

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