Salt Mine


Bet you thought we would be all about sugar today. Chocolate, Rockets and lollipops are definitely in your future this week.
But you know what’s really scary? It looks like sugar but it’s not. The real demon is salt!

We consulted Korey Kealey, food expert and founder of on what we need to know about this salty pickle we’re in.

Salt and high sodium diets are directly linked to high blood pressure which we know greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Introducing a high sodium diet to children now sets them up for poor food choices later in life when it really matters to their heart and kidneys.

Even if you aren’t ‘shaking it’ at the table or stove top, many of the packaged foods Canadians are consuming are loaded with sodium, so we’re ingesting it without even knowing it. The recommended daily allowance from Health Canada is less than 1500 mg of sodium for adults and less for children, adjusted for their weight. (Note: 6 grams of salt = 1500 mg sodium.)

Parents want to provide healthy options for our children but since more than 80% of the sodium ingested by North Americans comes from processed foods, we’re finding out that some of the choices we’ve been making are not so healthy after all.


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