Creative Classes in the Vancouver Area for Kids to Take Outside of School

Vancouver after school activities

Another summer is slowly winding down and the rush of September is right around the corner. Anticipation hangs heavy in the air, and excitement burns bright as lazy summer days make way for fresh fall activities and the challenges of a new school year.

As your kids settle into their school-based routines, you may be searching for some new activities they can enjoy outside of school time, and Vancouver offers some impressively innovative options, including a few you might not even have heard of.

Check out these 15 extra-curricular favourites that allow kids of all ages to explore their interests in fun, play-based environments, while they spread their wings in ways that foster creativity, confidence, and learning.

All classes, unless otherwise noted, are offered through the City of Vancouver Recreation website and can be found here.

Acro Dance – Have a little dancer on your hands? In addition to more traditional styles of dance, community centres and dance studios around Vancouver offer tons of contemporary style classes for kids of all ages like Acro Dance. This hybrid form of dance combines traditional techniques with elements of acrobatics, offering a new “twist” on this fun activity.

Art Meets Technology – For young artists with an interest in the techy side of things, media arts are a great option. In addition to a large selection general art classes, The Arts Umbrella (Vancouver & Surrey) offers Art Meets Technology, a fantastic class where kids learn innovative ways to incorporate art and technology through stop-motion animation, video art, graphic novels and more.

Baking Buddies – If your kids like to bake, try Baking Buddies, where the smell and taste of cinnamon buns, cookies, and other delicious treats will leave their tummies satisfied for days. Taught by a young leader, this class incorporates the basics of baking with play and teamwork for a super fun kitchen experience. You may even get some leftovers!

Martial Arts – Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Go-Ju Ryu are just a few of the options available in the Vancouver area. A great way to learn confidence, self-discipline, and courage, the martial arts are a great extra-curricular form of exercise for boys and girls alike.

Musical Theatre – Not your average music class, Bright Stars Musical Theatre incorporates singing, dancing and performing for the ultimate theatre experience, allowing your child to build confidence and creativity.

Pottery – Enjoy time together at a parent & tot pottery class where you’ll collaborate on fun little projects while learning basic pottery techniques. A chance to enhance creativity while enjoying some special time and connection with your child.

Robotics with LEGO® – For your little Lego lover! Offering beginner and advanced classes, Robotics teaches kids the amazing world of engineering while they develop problem-solving and team-building skills. Kids build their own models and learn programming basics using Lego.

Sea Smarts – Your kids can learn about the exciting underwater world of ocean life and marine animals in the Sea Smart’s Ocean Explorer after-school program. Created by marine biologists in collaboration with BC teachers, this program is based out of various elementary schools around the Metro Vancouver area. Visit for more information.

Yoga – For little yogis everywhere, try creative yoga for babies, family yoga and even noon hour kids’ yoga, offered at various locations throughout Vancouver and surrounding areas. A playful way to enjoy yoga, kids learn to be present in their bodies as they stretch and practice strength, flexibility and mindful movement.

Whether your child is a budding artist, a burgeoning underwater adventurer or a music enthusiast, these creative classes will be an instant hit. Helping to instill confidence, teamwork and problem-solving skills, these exciting classes will allow your child to explore their individuality while having some fun! So, get creative and get your child to a class that will spark imagination, and make memories to last a lifetime.



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