Get Out and Go!


Today we’ve got a new contest for you and it’s all wrapped up in a great story.
We’ve partnered with Kids & Company, an amazing organization that’s growing and expanding across Canada, dedicated to providing reliable, flexible child-care solutions for busy parents.

Behind the scenes is a trailblazing mom named Victoria Sopik, CEO and mother of eight. (Yes, eight children, eight births.) As an entrepreneur, child-care expert and (very) savvy mom herself, she brings an experienced and unique viewpoint to the joys and challenges of balancing work and family. Besides providing excellent child care to parents across Canada, Victoria’s vision is about creating a community for the families who visit her centres. Like most moms, Victoria likes to shares her wisdom and her friends—just like we do at

So with that in mind, we collaborated and decided to bring you a fun and fabulous summer promotion, the Summer Get Out and Go Contest on facebook. Our Editors have carefully selected a collection of prizes valued at $235 including Vapur flexible water bottles, hip Lunchskins reusable sandwich and snack bags, eco-friendly Outback Jack spray, a gift card from our partnered retailer, outdoor toys and many more items that will make daycare, camp or a day at the beach well organized and fun!

Be sure to enter now for your chance to win this summer.

Sprig Truck, Lunchskin, Vapur Bottles


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