Gifted Presence


“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage”. It’s a pretty standard progression—the tough part is knowing what to give that baby in the carriage. So to help we’ve got our annual Baby Shower Gift Guide, whether you’re attending the party as a discerning gift-giver or stocking up the nursery as a mom-to-be.
Those first baths can be stressful, but with a cozy, personalized, 100% cotton Hooded Gingham Towel from You Name It Baby, everyone will be comforted. ($29.99)

And speaking of comfortable, some tees, sleepers or onesies from Babibu make a perfect layette. The super-soft, baby basics (mom entrepreneur and Canadian-made) are made from bamboo fabric which naturally blocks the growth of bacteria and repels odors so baby stays comfy and fresh-smelling. And since bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, everyone can be comforted by the tiny eco-footprint, too. (From $14, available in 8 colours)

Reversible Hoodie SetBaby will definitely win the Best Dressed Award with a Reversible Hoodie Set from Binksy & Bobo. Also mom entrepreneur and Canadian-made, this gorgeous set comes with a skirt or pants and reversible hoodies that allows for the growth of a child, simply by rolling down the sleeve with its contrasting print. A bit higher in price, they might not be something mom would buy herself, but she’ll definitely remember who did if she is lucky enough to open this gift. ($125)

Mom will look stylish, too with a Nursing Necklace from Lennah Designs (another mom entrepreneur we love). These nursing necklaces are durable and made from high-quality, non-toxic acrylic beads, but what we love the most is how great they look (we’re still wearing ours, even though weaning’s long over). OK, we love the over a dozen colour combinations, countless lengths, free shipping, and prices, too. (Starting at $20)


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