8 Great Books to Read Over the Winter Break

Erin Pepler December 13, 2019
Books to read over winter break

Winter is meant for curling up with a hot drink and a good book, especially over the Christmas holidays. And while Christmas shopping, holiday dinner planning and other year-end craziness may have you feeling like your head is on backwards, life is bound to quiet down soon. We promise. (Ok, we can’t promise that, but we really HOPE every parent gets a little downtime this holiday season – you deserve as much).

If you’re looking for some titles to dive into this winter, here are some great places to start. And remember – if you throw a little Baileys in that cup of tea or coffee, we won’t judge.

The Dutch House  | (Fiction, Ann Patchett)

I first fell in love with Ann Patchett’s writing when she published her fourth novel, Bel Canto, back in 2001. Patchett has released several novels and non-fiction collections since then, and in my opinion, they’re all worth your time. Her latest book, The Dutch House, is a piece of historical fiction set near Philadelphia at the end of the second world war. It’s a tale of family, money and betrayal – the perfect sort of book to get lost in on a snowy day!

The Nanny  | (Fiction, Gilly Macmillan)

If you’re looking for something juicy and fast-paced, try The Nanny by Gilly Macmillian (author of The Perfect Girl). Like Macmillan’s other novels, it’s dark, it’s fun and you’ll be thoroughly entertained as the mystery unfolds. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy holiday read, but hey – sometimes we need a little salt to balance the sugar. Bonus: this would make a great book club book!

I Miss You When I Blink | (Non-fiction, Mary Laura Philpott)

This collection of personal essays by Mary Laura Philpott is perfect for anyone who struggles with anxiety, perfectionism or simply questioning their place in the world. It’s warm, introspective, funny and – if you’re a Type A kind of person like me – super relatable. I Miss You When I Blink offers a lot to unpack, but in the best way possible.

Recipe for a Perfect Wife | (Fiction, Karma Brown)

Karma Brown is from the Toronto area and is best known for her engaging novels Come Away With Me, In This Moment and The Life Lucy Knew. Her latest work, Recipe for a Perfect Wife, is set to be released on New Year’s Eve. The plot centers around Alice Hale, a writer who recently moved to the New York suburbs with her husband. When Alice finds a series of notes written by the 1950s housewife who used to own her home, she draws unexpected parallels and starts questioning her entire world.

Happy Go Money | (Non-fiction, Melissa Leong)

If your New Year’s resolutions involve money, this is a great book to get you started on the right path. Melissa Leong is a financial expert who often appears on CTV’s The Social. She’s smart, funny and far warmer than you’d expect a financial writer to be (she is a mom, after all). Combining financial advice and real talk about what truly makes us happy, this book won’t blame and shame you – it will help you feel better about your money.

26 Knots | (Fiction, Bindu Suresh)

Romance, prose and drama go together in this debut novel by Canadian author Bindu Suresh. With its unconventional format, episodic chapters and beautiful phrasing, this is a book for people who really love good storytelling. 26 Knots will make you think about relationships, the intricacies of human connection and the many layers of emotion found in a single person.

The Thank You Project | (Non-fiction, Nancy Davis Kho)

Want to start 2020 with a grateful heart? Spending some quality time with this book is an excellent way to enjoy the holiday season. Author Nancy Davis Kho initiated a gratitude-based personal project in celebration of a milestone birthday. As she sent thank you cards to the many people who inspired and influenced her life, Kho began to understand how her own happiness was affected by sharing her gratitude. A great read and a great message!

Girl Walks Into a Bar | (Non-Fiction, Rachel Dratch)

There was a time not so long ago when funny women were popping out memoirs left, right and centre: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Kelly Oxford, and Jenny Mollen, to name a few. One funny-lady memoir that I loved which often goes underappreciated is Girl Walks Into a Bar by Rachel Dratch (Debbie Downer of SNL fame). It’s smart, sweet, candid and ultimately heartwarming. Pick up this book if you can – you won’t regret it.

Happy holidays and happy reading, everyone!


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