Happy Travellers


Meet Suzie—successful PR exec, doting mother of two, wife, friend, daughter and chief household officer. She can’t believe it’s been ten years since her first daughter was born. (Does that make her ten years older, too?) Ever since her seven year old Jack came along, life’s been a blur. For her, change is constant and she juggles like a veteran.
But despite all the demands placed on her, she takes real pride in the fact that she has always managed to maintain her independent spirit through the shuffle. She’s the cool aunt to her brother’s teenage daughter, who coincidentally, is joining her and the kids at the cottage this weekend (hopefully she’ll help out a bit).

Suzie’s Challenge This Week:
With two tired and grumpy kids fighting over what to listen to all the way to the cottage on the Friday night of a long weekend (Gaga vs. Beiber, what could be worse?) she could potentially be facing the ride from you-know-where. Suzie needs to relax on a Friday after a long week and enjoy the ride. But how?


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