How Do You Invite Kids to a Birthday Party?


I’m curious, how do you go about inviting kids to a birthday party? Are you fond of the classic paper invitation passed around in person? Do you prefer to send a standard email with the details included in the body? Or are you more inclined to use those cute and clever evites that can be customized to suit the theme of the party? Better yet, do any of you still send birthday invitations via snail mail?

I’ve personally used all of the methods listed above and here’s what I noticed: when I’m planning a party I love to search for pretty paper products that match the theme of the bash, so I’m inclined to use those for the invitations. However, when my kids are invited to a party, I like it when they receive an electronic invite so I can easily sync it with my calendar. It makes no sense at all, but it’s something I’ve recently realized.

According to Emily Post’s Etiquette, electronic invitations can be eco and budget-friendly, not to mention incredibly convenient. But they do lack a big benefit, which is allowing your child to be a part of the planning process. She suggests that we stick with paper invitations that are written (or decorated) and passed out by the child, and encourages save-the-dates and party reminders to be sent in an electronic format instead.

Tell us, how do you invite kids to a birthday party?


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