How to Become a Bento Box Boss



For a lot of school lunch makers, the mention of a bento box lunch brings one of two thoughts to mind: ‘how cute’, or ‘never going to happen’. And there’s almost always an assumption that bento-packing parents are creative lunch-making wizzes.

Louise Gleeson, mom, blogger, and one of our talented Savvy Storytellers, claims she isn’t all that crafty or creative, but she has figured out the secret to bento box success. Armed with the right equipment and a little know-how, she’s been churning out pretty bento boxes for her kids for a while now—and we’ve been admiring her impressive skills. This week, we got her to share her best bento secrets with us.

From why bento is a better choice for kids to a few simple tools to have on hand, our resident bento box expert is spilling the deets.

Happy lunching!




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