How to Resell Your Used Baby Gear

Selling used baby gear

If you’ve got a growing collection of items your kids have outgrown — whether that’s clothes or gear — you might be looking to clear out space, and make a bit of cash in the process.

A new report from baby gear resale marketplace Rebelstork, found that 18% of parents own second-hand baby-gear and forecasts a 10% jump in use of second hand gear to outfit a baby’s nursery by 2029 — making it a great time to sell.

The resale market for baby gear in North America is estimated $2.6 billion and is poised to grow as the baby market does (projected to grow from $51B by 2026, up from $38B today.)

With endless ways to sell your gear, it’s easier than ever to make space, make money, and reduce your environmental impact. Here are some tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your sale.

Make sure you have all the parts

Before you put your listing up, make sure you have all the parts, as nobody wants to purchase something only to find out they’re missing pieces.

Keep items in good condition

“Items like strollers which get the most wear can retain the highest resale value if they are kept in excellent condition,” says says Emily Hosie, founder and CEO of Rebelstork. Give your items a thorough cleaning before listing to ensure they look their best to potential buyers.

You should also check expiry dates on items such as car seats to ensure they’re still good. And don’t forget that when it comes to safety, there are rules around what you can and can’t sell — including drop sided cribs, baby walkers, and infant self-feeding devices. Health Canada has a full list of items you can double check your stash against to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws.

Provide a thorough description

Look at the company website for product descriptions to entice potential buyers. Be sure to highlight any wear or damage a new owner should know about to make an informed purchase.

Take great photos

You can certainly use the stock product images provided by the company, but people want to see the exact item they’re purchasing, so be sure to snap a few shots of your actual item. Ensure the photo is bright, clear, and shows the entire product. Take photos from multiple angles as well as close ups for best results.

Timing is key

“There is a direct connection between the resale value of the item, and how long you’ve held on to it for,” says Hosie. “The longer you hold onto an item for, the more the resale value decreases. Even if you’re planning to have more children, consider selling and maximizing your earnings to purchase the newer technology for when that time comes.”

Choose brands with resale value

“Items like the BabyBjorn Bouncer, Ergobaby Carrier, or Uppababy’s black or grey Vista or Cruz strollers are constantly in demand,” says Hosie. “These are core products that will retain their value over time if they are kept in good condition.”

Rebelstork recently crunched the numbers and found the following brands had the best resale value:

8. Halo
5. 4 Moms

Consider bundling items

Consider selling similar items together in a bundle at a discounted price to give buyers the more bang for their buck and make your sale more likely. A car seat and stroller make a great travel system, and a diaper bag and travel change pad are ideal duos.

Be responsive to messages

No one wants to be left hanging when on the hunt for a bargain, so try to be responsive to messages. If someone can’t purchase your item, they’ll move on to another seller.

Use a trusted online resale site

“Unmanaged online buy-sell groups can often waste a bunch of your time and they are not always safe and secure for transactions or gear exchanges,” says Hosie. “Haggling on price and arranging for pickup with cash payment can leave you feeling vulnerable.”

Hosie explains that services such as Rebelstork will pick up your gear from home, condition rate it and use their proprietary pricing algorithm to determine market value. The product gets photographed and items are typically sold in as little as four days.

If you’re more hands-on, you can take your own photos and post descriptions to resell websites/apps like Kijiji or eBay to sell your gear. Many parents also find great success posting on Facebook Marketplace and their local parent buy/sell/swap groups on Facebook. With a little bit of effort, you can clear out space and make a few bucks in the process!


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