How to Use Your Farmers’ Market Haul This Month


I’€™m shopping the farmers’€™ markets pretty obsessively these days, and use whatever is available and in season to plan my weekly dinners. If you’€™re in need of a little inspiration for your haul this month, here’€™s a look at some of the ways I’€™m making use of August’€™s produce pickings. The items in the photo above cost me $40’€”I’m curious, would you pay more or less for the same amount of loot?’€”and will be used in several different meals over the course of a week.

Zucchini: I’€™m purchasing a spiralizer this week, and will be turning these into zoodles. Stay tuned for more on that. If I have any leftover, I’€™ll definitely be adding it to this egg salad for lunch’€”it’€™s utterly delicious and my kids devour it quickly.

Carrots: My plan is to roast these and add them to a salad with some beets I have on hand. I’ll top the dish with goat cheese and pumpkin seeds and serve it with a maple vinaigrette. My kids really like this rainbow salad though, so I’€™ll try to save enough for a big bowl of it, as well.

Cherry Tomatoes: These will definitely be roasted and then served in one of the following nine ways.

Multi-Coloured Fingerling Potatoes: Fingerlings are my favourite and I like them best when halved, roasted at high heat with sea salt and olive oil and served with whatever protein we feel like cooking.

Corn: I’€™m keeping this simple by grilling it and serving with a side of basil butter.

Green and Yellow Beans: Half will be steamed and tossed with butter, the other half will be breaded and baked to make green bean fries.

Cauliflower: Oven-roast the whole head after it’s been coated in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and lemon juice. Serve topped with Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs. Alternatively, make a batch of our pasta shells with creamy cauliflower sauce for a quick and easy weeknight dinner (side note: my cauliflower-phobe loves this pasta).

Peaches: You can never go wrong with setting out a big bowl of homemade peach salsa to accompany some nacho chips. It’€™s a family favourite snack and one I’€™m sure you’€™re kids will love because it’€™s a little sweet and not too spicy.

Tell us, what are you cooking up with your farmers’€™ market fare this month?


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