I Tried Orangetheory Fitness for a Month Even Though I Hate the Gym. Here’s What I Think.

Orangeheory fitness review

I’ve lived most of my life in the ‘moderately fit’ zone. I danced as a kid until I was 19, I started running in university and I’ve jogged casually ever since then.

Since having three kids, I’ve also dabbled in working out with personal trainers, spin classes, gym memberships, fitness classes and even the latest fitness apps.

The conclusion? I hate them all.

I’ve always come back to running. It’s the only thing I’ve enjoyed, and I think it’s largely because I’ve always done it with someone or in a group. However, lately, as I’ve found life taking over (the way it does for most busy parents) all of my good intentions to run three times a week has dwindled to two times, and sometimes only once.

No big deal, I guess. Except that now I find I can’t keep up with my two running buddies as well as I used to. One of them runs four times a week and the other does resistance training and yoga. Me? I eat my kids’ leftover school lunches each night as I unpack their lunch bags.

Here’s the thing: I like myself

I don’t dislike my body or how I look. My desire to be fit has nothing to do with me wanting to be thinner and everything to do with me wanting to have more energy, to feel good and to be strong.

So that’s why I decided to check out Orangetheory Fitness.

I had heard a lot about it from a few people I knew. Then I googled some reviews and it all looked really great. Yet, I was still hesitant. I’ve tried workout plans over and over again and I always lose interest very quickly.

Full disclosure: I had the opportunity to check out Orangetheory for a month for free, but I’m definitely, 100% signing up to continue my membership on my own dime because it’s really that good.

What I love about it

When you go in for a workout, you don’t have to think. (A fantastic perk for tired parents!) The instructors/trainers tell you and the group you’re working out with exactly what to do and when. Which means, you tend to push yourself harder than you would on your own.

On top of that, it’s an hour workout—so, you’re in and out and back to all the other stuff you have to do that day. You have to sign up for classes in advance and there’s a penalty for not cancelling in time or not showing up, but that adds to the accountability of it all, which I love. I found myself making sure I was going to make it to a class I signed up for because you were supposed to. (I’m a rule-follower.) And then I was always glad I had gone, even if I didn’t really feel like it that day.


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The workouts are different every time you go

It never gets boring and it’s not overly repetitive even when you’re there. Which is also great for me because I HATE doing the same thing over and over and over again. (And yet, I like running. I know. I’m an odd one.)

The music is great, the instructors are fun, and I end up feeling really good. My head is clear after a workout, my body feels stronger and I think I might just be able to keep up with my rock star running buddies soon, too.

The only downside is the cost. I admit it’s expensive, and I know that it’s not realistic for everyone. But when I think about it, I’ve invested so much in my kids—for camps and extracurricular activities and birthday parties—and I don’t give it a second thought. But when it comes to investing money into myself, my health and my fitness, I have to really think about whether or not it’s worth it??

That’s kind of ridiculous.


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Since I plan on continuing with the running twice a week, I’ve opted for a smaller Orangetheory plan where I get enough workouts to go twice a week each month. It’s absolutely do-able for me to fit in a workout one night a week and once on the weekend.

So, I’m investing in myself finally. And in something I’m really enjoying.

A one-month trial is turning into hopefully what will be a long, healthy journey—and I’m lacing up my running shoes eagerly.



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