Is There a Doctor in the House?


“Information is the oxygen of the modern age”. (Ronald Reagan – a true visionary)
Yes, computers run our lives. We love them, we need them but this kind of dependency is not healthy. So when something goes wrong with your home PC, you’re bound to feel suffocated under a pile of manuals & useless tech support services.

Yoga can work, but we also recommend the highly-skilled cyber-physicians at PCmdOnCall who can help you catch your breath and ensure that all those baby music class registrations, Dora colouring pages and Legoland games are back online again (not to mention your late night shopping addiction).

They have extensive knowledge of everything PC-related, including lots of things you don’t ever want to know about: virus infections, spam, spyware infestation, printing problems, wireless networking & internet connectivity issues, hardware failures & data recovery.

These docs can also advise on all aspects of your wired home and set you up with parental control policies (because your desire to keep your kids safe at all times should extend to the online world). Their PC upgrade programs can save you money. Everything they do will save you time and aggravation. On-site trouble-shooting starts at $55.

The PCmdOnCall team is tried and tested for emergency calls under true battle conditions (read: can still get the job done with three kids under the age of five running around during the dreaded dinner/bath/bed/wild and cranky witching hour).

If information is oxygen and our PC’s deliver it, Moms need to keep the whole family breathing. Call in the (PC) doctors for this one.



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