Keep Them Clean


Starve a fever, feed a cold. Get inside before you catch your death of cold. Don’t forget your vitamins. Wash your hands!

Words from the past or present? We know the endless task of wiping noses might have us hearing voices or worse, uttering the same words ourselves. In the thick of cold and flu season, we’ll try anything. But thinking it might be more prudent to separate the old wives’ tales from medically-sound advice, we consulted with Leslie Solomonian, a naturopathic doctor and SavvyMom of two (Noah, 5 and Rachel, 7 months).

Starve a fever, feed a cold.
In sickness or in health, it’s never a good idea to deprive yourself of nutrients. Nutritionists and doctors agree: the best way to stay healthy and help your body get well is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of fluids.

A hatless head is an invitation to pneumonia.
Although we encourage kids to dress warmly and appropriately, apparently being out in the cold air without a hat or coat has no bearing on whether or not you’ll encounter a virus. The only way to catch a cold is when a virus enters your respiratory system through droplets in the air (think messy sneezers) or germy hands. However, we have been warned that heading outdoors without proper outerwear does mean the body will be more preoccupied with staying warm than staving off viruses.


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