Something Is Cooking at SavvyMom

fried riceWelcome to the first posting of the EatSavvy Blog. We are really excited about this blog because we just love food. Hopefully you are already a dedicated follower of EatSavvy and have been trying out our recipes. Well, if you like those, you will like this blog—but don’t expect anything fancy. This is not epicurious (which we love, by the way) or Martha Stewart (not so bad either) but rather a very real account of foods that we feed our families and ourselves. You’ll hear about what was for dinner, our favourite gadgets, the best in season, what we feel like eating now and what we had for lunch (at SavvyMom HQ and at home with the kids). It’s all about food, how to make it fun, easy and real. A few tips and tricks, observations and even some behind the scenes tid-bits from the EatSavvy shoots.
Must go and get dinner ready now. We’re having our regular Thursday night fried rice filled with all the left-overs from the week. It’s always a surprise!

What are you having for dinner?


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