Extraterrestrial Fun

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Looking for something cool to do with the kids (besides going for another coffee and watching them chew on the stroller, of course)? Something say, out of this world?
Look no further because Bunch is inviting all Toronto families to blast off into a galaxy powered by funk. It’s Bunch Family Dance Party: Outer Space Edition, a sci-fi disco bash where kids and parents can shake it on the dance floor side-by-side with aliens and robots. We did say out of this world, didn’t we?

It’s part of Toronto’s Winter City festival and it’s going to be an incredibly fun afternoon for parents and children alike. Other than dancing with aliens and robots, children can get busy decorating rocket ships large enough to play inside of, fend of attacks from giant bouncy meteors, save an alien planet and so much more.

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