Let’s Make a Deal


The Mars and Venus hooplah has thankfully died down, but one difference between the sexes is certain: women, more often than men, get a raw deal at car dealerships.
No matter how skilled we are at the art of negotiation (and skilled we are, thanks to daily practice with our children), females often so dread the dealership dollar discussion, they end up paying more for a new car. That’s why we’re over the moon about Unhaggle, an online service that has local dealers competing for our new-car buying power.

For less than the cost of a full tank of gas ($47), Unhaggle contacts dealers on your behalf who then bid for your business. What’s your role in all of this? Select the make, model and year, options and colour, and terms of payment (cash, lease or finance), along with which reputable dealers in your area you want to have bid on your potential car purchase.


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